13 Important Factors to Consider while buying a property in Kerala


Property buying in Kerala is one of the major investment goals for most families and individuals in life. Usually, homes are considered a retirement plan and recently families build green homes in Kerala for this purpose. 

This is a great idea to keep lives and the surroundings clean. Being green building architecture specialists for over a decade, we have noticed that people are not aware of the various considerations that need to be known while buying a property in Kerala. 

 Hereby, we have listed out in detail as to what you need to consider for this process.

Property-Related Laws

While choosing a property to buy in Kerala, the buyer can request the title deed.  You need to ensure that the builder has sole ownership and the seller has the right to sell it. Invariably, you have to know the land status and seek the previous ownership deeds.  This will help you track whether there were any disputes or land-related cases attached to the property. For this, a lawyer can help you to gain the details of the act and verify all the documents.

Builder Reputation and Track Record

In Thrissur luxury villas and green home designs  can be constructed in well-connected areas in the suburban parts of the town. There will be a minimum of noise and air pollution having peace and tranquility in the city. You can design and decorate your home for your unique needs. By constructing a villa in Thrissur, people can enjoy full freedom and privacy in  a better neighborhood. Many areas in Thrissur offer greater space for constructing luxurious homes and the high-end amenities and facilities can enhance your living experience here. Gated villa communities also provide a high standard of safety and security to their residents. You can make a guaranteed profit by constructing a home In Thrissur as the cost of the land rises year-on-year.

Property Size, Infrastructure, and Amenities in the Area

It is important to get the plot measurements from an authorized surveyor before proceeding further. You should verify the land infrastructure and ensure the details match the land sketch at the local government survey office. If you are going to buy a green home residential property, check the dimensions of each room and confirm that it aligns with what was promised by the builder or seller.  In the case of Kerala green homes, you ought to check for the amenities too. For instance, waste disposal, water harvesting, airy rooms, solar lit systems, transport network, community life, etc. 

Legal documentation and verification

Prior to property purchase, make sure that you have seen and have custody of the documents, and check all the property and building releases. Then you need to verify the Encumbrance Certificate. Why is that so? 

 In certain cases, some properties may be pledged to acquire a bank loan thus it is important to ensure that the property doesn’t comprise any legal dues. In this case, the buyer can ask for an Encumbrance/release certificate from the bank. A buyer can verify the Encumbrance certificate to ensure that the seller has paid off all debts related to the property.

Resale value and investment potential

The property should have good connectivity with the city and other essential requirements of daily living. For example, your kid’s school, work area, or hospital should not be too distant from the property. Ensure that grocery shops and entertainment zones are easily accessible and that any hazardous industry is not situated in the nearby locality of your property.

Property Tax Receipts and Taxation Gains

 Before confirming any project deal, ask for the property tax payment receipts of the previous 2-3 years. You can visit the local village office to enquire further about this and ensure you won’t be taking on any unnecessary burdens. In Kerala, if you buy a property and sell it after 3 years or more, you can earn long term capital gain and it minimizes the tax burden.

Construction Quality

It is important to get a construction review from an expert civil engineer to verify the real condition of the project. They can provide you with information like building strength, construction quality maintenance required and so on. The building must be constructed with high quality materials under the supervision of an expert.

Registration Process 

 Keep in hand the Original title deeds of the property you want to purchase, 2 witnesses for the procedure , and tax receipts should be submitted at the time of registration. This proof of transaction will be held in the local sub-registrar’s office in the presence of both buyer and seller and by following this procedure you will be able to gain the property’s rights.

 Property Price Evaluation and Comparison 

 Instead of relying on all the information that you get from real estate experts, it is best to do a self analysis of the property, location, and the price levels in the area. Take your time to check other charges such as preferential location charges, service taxes, floor rise charges, etc. Thus it is important to clarify the final total cost of the property to ensure it is ideal for your budget.

 Types of properties Available 

 The property that you wish to buy should match with your desired land use plan. Collect the information about the land use zone from the city plan which we can get from a local body office in the respective city. If you buy a property in Kerala for constructing a commercial building, first make sure that the desired property has been zoned as commercial.

 Loan options and interest rates

If finance is a matter of concern, you should talk to your bankers and loan experts as to how you can avail of a loan for the property purchase. They will give the options, the payback period, the tax implications, and even how you can set your bank balance in a streamlined manner.

 Take your investment for any green building or green home to the next level after taking these factors into consideration. Like we mentioned above, from the builder to the finance analysis, you need to power up your choice based on the data that you receive from the people involved. Let your decisions not be hasty, but systematic and logical. 




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