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We have been creating signature villas and gated community residential projects in exotic locations, challenging contour terrains and harsh climatic conditions for over 12 years.  We have learned a lot in our journey, and we are constantly improving our quality in each new project we take on.

ei is a real estate company with having in-house architecture firm called ei design studio and an in-house construction company called Nisarga Engineering (India) Private Limited. Each company have the expertise, qualified human resources and processes to achieve our goals. They complement each other and form two strong pillars leading to our vision.

We are named with two letters “ei”, ‘e’ stands for the environment as we are too sensitive to the environment we exist and ‘i’ stands for innovation because we like to innovate concepts for residential projects that create interesting lifestyles and experiences, innovate design features that bring in more functionality and aesthetics, innovate processes that can build efficient management system.


Enabling lifestyles closer to nature by creating concepts and building structures.


Design and construct luxurious homes and spaces for people to live and work

Design and construct communities of holistic living where residents can engage in farming

Design and construct minimalist and utilitarian concepts and buildings

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Crafting an Engaging Outdoor Bound Training (OBT) Session for our ei Team – December 2023

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