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We specialise in constructing eco-conscious structures using green building materials across challenging terrains such as mountains, valleys, lakeside, beach front, etc. Our portfolio includes expertise in designing and constructing complete wooden houses, fully granite stone houses, exposed brick homes and exposed concrete homes. Landscaping and interior designing are part of our deliverables and we strive to effectively deliver an end to end solution for all our projects.

Luxury Eco-Friendly Villas

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ei design studio is an architecture firm based in Kochi creates enriching experiences through thoughtfully designed context-sensitive spaces. Our core focus has been about building unique, exciting spaces in off-beat locations that allows people to reforge a meaningful connect with nature and enhance the quality of living spaces.
ei design studio consists of architects, design assistants and site co-ordinators, each of whom are individuals passionate about architecture with a proclivity for exploring the realms of design and construction for innovative, trendsetting creations.
Sustainability and environmental harmony are key features of the living spaces we build. Conventionally, the construction sector has always been a major exploiter of natural resources with respect to land, water, materials etc. and, we at ei design studio are extremely mindful of this fact. Our designs, our materials, our process are aimed at reducing the negative impact of the constructed space on the natural resources, and the ecosystem at large, over the years to come. All our living spaces have with their own renewable energy resources, come with an effective waste management system that does not pollute your surroundings and the very buildings are constructed with sustainable materials.

We place equal importance on the physical and emotional wellbeing of our home owners, and our living spaces are designed in a manner of securing the same. It is a well-known fact that the buildings we live in can have an impact on our behaviour in everyday life and this is the main reason behind our idea of customised living spaces. Every space we construct will reflect the voice of our home owners, whereby you make selections and state your preferences, and be an integral part of the design process. The choice and placing of each and every piece of interior decor is akin to an ode of love, dedicated towards adding comfort and delight to your everyday life.
Our locations add value to the space we build. We choose plots that are off-beat, peri-urban which ensures that while you are living in harmony with nature, you are never too far away from the important centres of activity such schools, hospitals etc. We are firmly vested in the ‘farm to table’ concept, and all our locations and properties are reflective of this thought. As a homeowner with ei you can grow your own food, eat only organic and freshly farmed generate your own clean energy, and effectively manage waste generation and disposal.
We do not compromise on luxury and comfort in our quest for sustainability. Our spaces are cherished for their “organic” architecture, unpretentious design, extensive use of ‘non-manufactured’ materials, connection with the outdoors, and most importantly for being an expression of the owners’ dreams. Start a dialogue with us today as your first step to being an eco-friendly, self-sustaining, luxury home owner.

ei design studio team

Sameepan Thomas

Principal Architectural Designer

eco building designer


Site Coordinator
sustainable architecture

Joseph Mathew



ei green home designer

Anand Nagaraja



Dhanya Achamma Thomas



Neethu Sudarsanan


Manas Tungar



Guru Prakash B


Naren Baratwaj


Ponshankar S


Kumaraguru M



Anil Sebastian

Junior Architect

Eldhose Thankachan

Quantity Survey Engineer

ei ecofriendly house designer

Pranav N Pradeep

Botanist & Horticulturist


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