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Tired of living in claustrophobic cities? It can be overwhelming and unbelievably stressful, adversely affecting your well-being and stealing you of your ability to age well and live longer. The convenience and comfort a city can offer you might seem advantageous, but consider this picture we paint for you: owning a home in the lap of pristine nature; breathing in the clean mountain air, waking up to the sounds of tweeting birds, taking walks through the verdant countryside and taking sips of your morning coffee from your very own terrace while enjoying stunning views of the gorgeous valley and the mountains that surround them. If we have described your idea of the perfect home, then allow us introduce you to Winterlake.

Embracing self-sustaining communities: A home is an asset for the future, and energy efficient sustainable custom living solutions are the buzz of today and necessity of tomorrow. Reduced carbon footprint, renewable energy sources and efficient waste management are key to a sustainable planet and the main takeaways of a modern sustainable house. Our key deliverables are clean air, wholesome nourishment, providing cooling solutions via architectural elements, plenty of ventilation, and biophilic design allowing you to connect with nature within your living space. The solar panels rooftops, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling along with the gardens ensures that you own a sustainable home. Our paddy fields, vegetable and fruit gardens function as a source for genuine organic food produce leading to consumption of fresh, chemical-free food. Our concept of ‘farm to table’ gives you the space and the opportunity to grow your own food and, if you do not have the time or inclination to farm, you will have the access to purchase fresh organic produce. 

Why Winterlake?

To escape the asphyxiation of the urban, a home or vacation home in a rural or in a forested ecotone. These custom built luxury homes can be customised to contain elements of whatever you wish for within the living space. The sustainable villa designs of Winterlake are conceptualised to get you to reconnect with nature as part of your lifestyle. These luxury ecohouses are sustainable and energy-efficient and a great investment for the future. 

Every environment-friendly green living space designed has signature characteristics that make them a Winterlake villa. Each villa is a slice of paradise you get to call home. Each and every location has been selected with care for the sole purpose of providing you a pollution-free home with spectacular panaromic views of the surrounding landscape. Each villa is custom-built; the designs a homage to nature’s splendour. The living spaces are tastefully constructed using site-specific solutions leading to minimum changes in the area’s topography. We have increased the sustainability quotient of the villas by using natural or recycled building materials, installation of rainwater harvesting system and renewable energy resources such as solar and wind energy and community garden to grow organic food produce. We also take great pride in using minimum acreage for construction and focus on planting species endemic to the Western Ghats thereby contributing to the increase in biodiversity within the landscape. Each and very luxury custom villa comes with top-notch maintenance support such as electrical & plumbing, cleaning, cooking, gardening etc.

To summarise, investing in a Winterlake home is the same as investing in a change of lifestyle; such lifestyle changes will have a positive effect on your well-being. Our self-sustaining villas provide you the support to do exactly that!

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