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Authentic Tharavad style homes constructed using architectural wisdom and practices rooted in the tradition of the land.

Homes that are traditional in spirit but peppered with modern materials in ethnic designs.

These homes borrow from traditional wisdom yet have their gaze firmly on the future.

What is Anugraha Srishti?

Anugraha Srishti, one of the premium Eco-Friendly Home Constructions in the Kerala, India, is a holistic living commune offering self-sufficiency and sustainability. Our sustainable luxury homes are designed to offer you comfort, and mental and emotional well-being often missing from the fast-paced, claustrophobic city life. Environmentally-friendly homes situated in soul-rejuvenating naturescapes are key to leading stress-free and healthy life.

From traditional architecture and landscaping that invoke a sense of nostalgia to modern-day conveniences that enhance your life, without moving too far from your cultural roots, a lot of thought and care goes into each and every single component of your beautiful sustainable green home. Living in self-sustaining homes do not mean that you have to live off the grid. The homes are set in Vaduvucodu, a scenic suburb of Kochi, where you are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet can commute easily to the main hubs of activity in Kochi, Aluva and Kakkanad.

A set of 47 beautifully designed custom homes overlooking 8 acres of high-yielding paddy fields, Anugraha Srishti is a space that offers you the peaceful atmosphere to return to your roots, nurture your passions, lead a life in nature’s very bosom, be in charge of the food you consume, live a pollution-free life and stay physically active and mentally refreshed.

Adding critical ingredients to achieve the modern sustainable home design, does not mean that you have to forego on aesthetics and compromise on comfort. Though all our homes will share features like exposed clay brick exteriors, verandahs and roof patterns, you’ll be amazed by the amplitude of floor plans, designs, materials and styles possible. Our endeavour is ascertain that each home we create is individually you. The design of these homes will broadly fall into 3 basic categories:

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Gated Community

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Eco Friendly homes

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Cooperative paddy cultivation

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Why Anugraha Srishti?

The core concept of Anugraha Srishti and self-sustaining homes stems from the urge to be environmentally conscious responsible builders providing comfortable living solutions which are a concoction of traditional and modern elements in a peri-urban set-up. Today’s cities have become synonymous with stress, despite offering the advantages of luxury and convenience, and our go-to escape strategy is to reconnect with nature in the form of weekend getaways to the mountains or beaches. Unfortunately, these are just temporary solutions as you have to return to regular city grind once the vacation is over. Instead, imagine living in such gorgeous locales; the comfort, mindfulness and serenity such environmentally sustainable homes can bring to your life.

Embracing self-sustaining communities: A home is an asset for the future, and energy efficient sustainable custom living solutions are the buzz of today and necessity of tomorrow. Reduced carbon footprint, renewable energy sources and efficient waste management are key to a sustainable planet and the main takeaways of a modern sustainable house. Our key deliverables are clean air, wholesome nourishment, providing cooling solutions via architectural elements, plenty of ventilation, and biophilic design allowing you to connect with nature within your living space. The solar panels rooftops, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling along with the gardens ensures that you own a sustainable home. Our paddy fields, vegetable and fruit gardens function as a source for genuine organic food produce leading to consumption of fresh, chemical-free food. Our concept of ‘farm to table’ gives you the space and the opportunity to grow your own food and, if you do not have the time or inclination to farm, you will have the access to purchase fresh organic produce. 

“Our goal is to not provide you a shelter, but make you a proud owner of a nurturing, beautiful, traditional custom-built brick home that becomes part of your lifestyle and guarantees your entire family’s physical and mental wellness.”

  • Orma (Nostalgia) – a style modelled on authentic Tharavad homes. These homes are perfect for those yearning for a sentimental return to their childhood homes. The custom built homes will include the Kerala’s traditional architecture features.
  • Impam (Delight) – a style modelled on modern comfort with ethnic touches in the living space. This style allows you to enjoy the modern luxury and comfort that you are accustomed to, integrated with a classical style of building.
  • Pratheeksha (Hope) – a style modelled on interpretive traditional elements incorporated in homes of the future. This style delivers the perfect modern eco-building, and is truly a future sustainable home.

The name of the categories stands testament to the fact that emotions are a driving force behind how we custom design our homes.

An axonometric view illustrating the sustainable community at Anugraha srishti, Kochi.

“With Anugraha Srishti, you don’t just own a home, you own heritage for the future.

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