Travel is an experience that is best when experienced for real. The feel, the security, the mental peace that some places and ambiances lend us – is a huge motivator to smile in life. Do you think that work loads are getting on your nerves? Or perhaps you need to hit the countryside for a free wave of inspiration in life? We know the feeling when you laze in the luxurious private pool villa in tamil nadu, sip on your favorite beverage, and have an in house spa to pamper your inner soul. That is bliss unconfined and who doesn’t love to set free their travel spirits once in a while? Moving on let’s just explore what Ooty – the land of misty skies, green carpeted fields, and cheerful folks has to offer for your next trip to Kerala and Tamil Nadu. For those who love a mix of adventure, romance, and clean nature, head off to the Queen of Hill Stations to be mesmerized by the finest travel destinations. Here, we have outlined some of the great sightseeing places to visit in Ooty. Don’t forget to stop at those awesome custom home builders designers, spend time in these luxurious villas and head off to your next trip.

Which Places to Visit in Ooty?

Ooty Botanical Gardens

The Ooty Lake is an artificially created lake that was created a peaceful for tourists and the locals to fish, go on boats, have a swim and yes, load their Instagram feeds with the best of scenic glimpses. Just around the nearby localities, you can find quite a few reputed farmhouse builders who have aesthetic homes that travelers can buy or rent out during their vacations. This way, families or couples can enjoy the privacy of their homes and yet explore the place with no fuss. Go for a boat ride, bite into those hot lip smacking corn cobs, cycle down the lazy lanes and enjoy the cool weather. Once you visit the place take the guide of a  reputed luxury home builder company to understand the lifestyle that people follow and this will help you own luxurious homes here in Ooty.

Kamraj Sagar Dam

To reach the place you need to take the roads via bus or a booked cab. This serene dam is just about 10 kilometers from the Ooty town bus stand. It is part of the Sandyanallah reservoir where you can also take time to enjoy the architectural beauty of modern custom homes in these areas. These are luxurious and totally blend in with the picturesque scenery in this dam area. Tourists who reach the place can set out for great romantic talks, sip on rich creamy tea from the local vendors, check the local chocolate factories and even go for a fishing spree in the dam. By evening, head over to the perfect pool villa in tamil nadu where you can soak in the soothing feel and watch the sunset glow that surrounds you. A special craze among photographers is the lovely natural bird that is conserved here in these protected natural environments.

Ooty Lake

This is a cozy feel place when you visit Ooty for your holidays in India. The Ooty lake is a picnic friendly place where families, solo travelers, and even families of all ages can come and spend time. For those who own luxurious homes designed by professional custom home contractors, you will notice the warm culture that exists in Ooty. The lake is breezy all year long, with soft grass that children can enjoy safely. They can also much into some of the local delicacies that vendors bring in, have small pony rides, and even fish in this area. This is a lovely family atmosphere of people who like to spend time after a hard day’s work. So, you will find a quiet, well mannered crowd in this vicinity. Plus, the biggest attractions are the boathouse rides that will take you from one end to the other of this calm lake. There are both padding style boats and motor boat style ones for hire. So, you can choose the one you like and enjoy the view.

Dodabetta Peak

How many of you like living in a farmhouse in the Mountain Peaks? Enjoy farm fresh milk and cheese, enjoy organically plucked vegetables at every meal and soak in some fresh air untouched by pollution. Well, that is the magic of Ooty’s next post that we present – the awe-inspiring Dodabetta Peak. We ain’t joking about this, but today, there are farmhouse builders who design and build wonderful aesthetic, nature friendly homes in such exquisite locations in India. You can be assured to have sound investment under the creative inspiration of their custom home designer. Now, why we love Dodabetta Peak is that it happened to be a part secluded forest area that is wrapped in the wilderness, yet not dangerous. So, trek a bit, without being hurt by any wild animals. If trekking and adventure walks were on your bucket list, then this Peak is for you. Within a span of 9 kilometers, you can reach the Peak right from the Ooty Kotagiri route. The place can be visited between 7 am – 6 pm every day and the gates will be strictly closed for the night. With nominal fees that range below Rs. 100 per person, the place is great to visit from October to February every year.

Mukurthi National Park 

The one that we love for any traveler to check out is the Mukurthi National Park. This is a lovely national park enclosing about 79 kilometers of flora and fauna along with many endangered species. It is situated on the Nilgris Plateaus, just near the Ootacamund hill station. You can get a fair view of the Western Ghats’ mountainous ranges and the valleys nearby. This is one of the most protected areas for the special Nilgiri Tahr species in India.  It is a noted fact that many families have chosen Ooty as the retirement location or even their second vacation venue. When you travel around the roadside of Ooty you will find many cottage styled homes that were built by luxury custom home builders. These are built in a sustainable manner with eco friendly materials to add more grace to the locality. 

Have you loved this collection?

Or Looking for more? Ooty is a place that is regal in its own vintage style, quaint to the eyes and refreshing beyond words. When city life seems to bug you way beyond your expectations, secure your life with some peaceful moments in your second home. They are  luxurious homes designed by known builders in Ooty. The great part of a home here is that no one hurries you to visit the entire town in two days or so. You can visit the Deer Park in Ooty as it spreads over 22 acres and you can enjoy the calm graze of this adorable animal. Also, visit the Kalhatty waterfalls, and the Needle view hillpoint here. Walk around the rads that wind around the valleys and see the life that keeps this nature so blissful always. Be amazed, be relaxed, and live a meaningful journey of life once in Ooty. 



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