Build Homes with Environmentally Friendly Materials and Technologies

Going green is a lovely concept to hear and many people love to own such living concepts worldwide. However, you can own an energy efficient home only if you have an Eco friendly House Design in Kerala.  For a good home that advocates the quality of sustainability, it should be able to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire process and also for the home inhabitants in the long run.

In case the perfect green sustainable and eco friendly home is what you like to own, it is best to start with a planned idea on how you can use environment friendly technologies and various building concepts in the whole process of home building in Kerala.

Green Insulation

Green insulation uses recycled materials to line your walls. Insulation that has been made from fiberglass causes health issues such as respiratory problems. One of the natural and renewable sources is cotton which is a good thermal conductor as long as it is dry. Aerogel, Icynene, and rigid polystyrene are some other green insulation options. These products generally contain less harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and will make your home both comfortable and eco-friendly. Also, these products can feature the same benefits as fiberglass with a higher R-value.

Biodegradable Materials

One of the eco-friendly and sustainable construction companies understands the means of making the construction sustainable is making use of biodegradable materials. Most traditional construction products can produce toxic chemicals and accumulate waste products. They can contaminate and harm the environment even after degrading. Biodegradable materials usually contain wood, wool, cotton, and animal waste which can be broken down into simple organic molecules. Bamboo, timber, classic linoleum, and organic paints are some of the readily biodegradable materials. These can be used for building foundations, walls, and insulators. They easily break down without producing toxins and forming part of sustainable construction technologies.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are one of the sustainable green design technologies which offer reduced thermal emittance and enhanced solar reflectance. They reflect intense heat or trap the air inside, more than an average shingle roof, and help in keeping homes and buildings at the standard room temperature. Cool roofs can be designed with a number of materials such as reflective paints, special tiles, and cool roof shingles. These materials are effective in reflecting higher solar radiation, absorbing less heat, and thereby reducing temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius. The use of cool roofs also reduces energy usage due to minimal dependency on air conditioning.

Solar Power

Nowadays solar power has been widely exploited as an eco-friendly construction technology. It can be utilized in two ways in green construction- Active solar energy and Passive solar energy. Active solar systems use solar energy to heat a fluid, transfer the heat into the interior space and convert it into a more usable form such as electricity. The passive solar design uses the sun’s radiation to heat a home through the placement of windows strategically and cool living spaces without any electrical or mechanical devices. The upfront installation costs for solar plants are higher but in the long- term it can save your energy bills and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Electrochromic Smart Glass

Electrochromic glasses charge the ions on a window layer using a tiny burst of electricity and change the amount of reflected light. These smart glasses offer the ability to determine the amount of light you want to block. Electrochromic glasses are expected to give a 25% reduction in overall energy costs and are still being perfected for commercial use. These smart glasses are mainly used in summer to keep out the heat of solar energy. It is incorporated into the control systems of commercial buildings and can save a lot of costs associated with ventilating, heating, and air conditioning.

The Use Of Smart Appliances

It is a known fact that Homes and commercial buildings are consuming high amounts of energy.   A practical solution to this is to use smart appliances as a part of sustainable construction technologies. The installation of efficient and energy-saving appliances aimed at establishing zero-energy homes and commercial buildings. Appliances like smart grid refrigerators, washing machines, and microwave ovens are using such sustainable technologies. These devices can save a lot of energy due to their capability to automatically control current construction processes according to customer needs and usage. These devices can be controlled at your fingertips. Additionally, they offer high safety and security.

Rammed Earth Brick

This ancient construction technology is reintroduced to fulfill the demands of environmental sustainability. The sustainably sourced raw materials and formations of rammed earth bricks reduce environmental impacts. Hard substances such as gravel or clay and moist earth mixture are blended with stabilizing materials like concrete and compressed to produce hard, dense walls. After creation, rammed earth must cure for some months and there is modern equipment available for making the compact process easier.  Rammed earth structures offer fewer emissions and dense materials can ensure equal temperature in a building.

Winding Up

The use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies in construction can ensure the lifetime sustainability of your homes and commercial buildings. The entire process requires close collaboration of the architects, construction engineers, and clients who are trained well under the supervision of sustainable construction companies. The primary aim of these environmentally friendly technologies is to reduce the overall effect on the environment and human health with the ultimate focus on efficient use of energy resources and reducing wastage and pollution.




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