How are Green Roofs and Walls a perfect fit for Eco-friendly homes?

Having an eco-friendly home in Kerala is the perfect solution to living in cooler homes that are temperature controlled naturally.  The role of green roofs and green walls is immense and the perfect companion for any sustainable home in Kerala.  This time, let’s introspect as to how the green living culture can actually add more quality to our living. 

What are the Green Roofs and Green Walls?

Roofs that are partially or fully covered with vegetation and growing medium, constructed over a waterproofing membrane are known as green roofs or living roofs. Green roofs are part of climate-proof construction and are constituted by vegetation, drainage layer, roof barrier, soil, and irrigation system.  Green Walls are as the name suggests walls with permitted and safe climbers grown carefully to wrap the home walls. So, overall they look green, feel cool, and give a natural setting to the home landscaping project. 

How do the Green Roofs and Green Walls function?

Green roofs  and green walls are providing several functions for a building such as rainwater absorption, raising benevolence, creating a habitat for wildlife, reducing the heat island effect, and providing thermal and noise insulation. 

Green roofs can be installed on small garages or larger commercial and industrial buildings and are also ideal for redevelopment projects. There are two types of green roofs: intensive roofs ( Thicker roofs with a minimum depth of 12.8 cm) and extensive roofs ( shallow roofs with depths ranging from 2-12.7 cm).

Green walls add more oxygen to the environment. Such walls protect the walls from excessive heat and add more shade to the side walls of the homes.  It can be easily grown as creepers on the existing cement walls in Kerala homes and villas. Since the climate is great, the creepers will adapt to the setting very quickly. 

Why green roofs and walls are essential for eco- friendly homes?

Offering a rain water buffer

They can absorb rain water using the water buffer in the plants, substrate, and drainage layer. Discharge of rainwater to the sewage system getting delayed by this and rainwater gets purified. This can lead to the stabilization of groundwater levels, enable Water conservation, and minimize the risk of flooding.

Helps in air purification

They can reduce carbon ratios and serve as a green layer of protection for the environment. The plants in a green roof and the green wall  can filter particular matter from the atmosphere and keeping CO2 out of the air and converting it to oxygen. Also, green roofs can absorb existing ozone near the rooftop. Overall, you will have a Green infrastructure that protects you at all times of the day and during all seasons.

Lowering the ambient temperature

Through the process of evapotranspiration, plants grown can absorb 50% of sunlight and reflect 30%.Green roofs provide a  more pleasant climate by reducing ambient temperature and the  immediate vicinity of your building. Studies indicate that they can help in 3°C temperature deduction in the cities.

Enhanced efficiency of solar panel

A green roof reduces the roof temperature and increases solar panel efficiency. Also due to the cooler indoor climate derived from the green wall, the air conditioning doesn’t have to work so hard. These are all contributing to energy savings and reducing your total energy costs.

Act as a sound barrier

Such Green infrastructures can reduce the ambient noise outside and inside your building by absorbing and reflecting sound. The combination of plants( blocking higher sound frequencies ), soil, and trapped air(blocking lower frequencies)within a green roof can act as a noise insulation barrier and aid air quality.

Adding value to your building with extended life span 

Such a green-infused villa in Kerala means that you can enjoy the protection of walls, railings, roofs, windows, etc from external factors such as sun, wind, rain, and temperature fluctuations. That extends the lifespan of the entire home. Also, the value of the property is increased by the natural and sustainable appearance along with extended life.

Providing a healing environment and feeling of well-being

Living and working within a green home can produce a positive effect on the well-being of people. Studies indicate green environment reduces stress and provides relaxation. Human tolerance of pain is higher in a green environment which is known as a healing environment.

Saving money and time 

Constructing a green Kerala home with vegetation blankets can be done faster and easy to realize. You do not have to focus much on paintings, as the walls remain evergreen. Plus, the roofs can be protected from harsh sunlight, and paint discoloration issues. 

To Conclude:

Going to the natural lifestyle is often a bit overwhelming. However, from our past experiences, it has been noticed that sustainable Kerala luxury home builders and homeowners are more satisfied with the outcome. The whole concept of Eco-friendly homes in Kerala has kept people healthier, more energy conscious, and more natural protective recently. If you are part of a conserving tour world, with reduced energy costs and better health, would you ignore it? If you still want to know how your existing villas in Kerala can be converted into Green infrastructure, we will happy to help you. 


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