Senior Architect

We are looking for a talented and well-experienced Senior Architect with 5-8 years of relevant experience. In this role, you will be responsible for creating architectural designs, managing projects, and collaborating with clients and project teams. You must also ensure compliance with safety standards and local planning regulations while adhering to budgets and timelines.

Key Responsibilities:

Client Collaboration: Meet with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and project requirements. Effectively communicate and develop a deep understanding of client objectives.

Design Development: Adapt and refine architectural designs and plans to align with the client’s vision and project goals. Provide creative and innovative design solutions.

Technical Documentation: Prepare detailed drawings, specifications, and construction documents that meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Compliance: Ensure that all designs and projects comply with safety standards and local planning regulations.

Budget and Timeline Management: Determine project budgets, allocate resources efficiently, and manage timelines to ensure projects are delivered on schedule and within budget.

Team Leadership: Manage project teams, collaborating with other construction professionals, such as engineers and interior designers, to ensure a coordinated and successful project delivery.

Job Requirements:

Technical Skills: Proficiency in technical drawing skills and experience with software programs such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Lumion, Blender, and 3D Max are required.

Communication and Project Management: Strong written and verbal communication skills and project management expertise are essential for coordinating and leading projects effectively.

Interpersonal Skills: Good interpersonal skills and the ability to present ideas and concepts effectively to clients and team members.

Creativity: Strong creative and visualization skills to develop unique and functional architectural solutions.

Experience: Previous work experience as an Architect is preferred, and 5-8 years of experience are required for this senior role.

Education and Qualification:

Degree in Architecture

If you are a dedicated and innovative architect with a passion for creating exceptional architectural designs, we encourage you to apply for the Senior Architect position at ei. Join our team and contribute to designing spaces that inspire and transform the world around us.

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