Top 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

With the increasing energy costs and lifestyle expenses, we always have to look out for more affordable ways to live our lives. Apart from that, each of us has a duty to take care of our resources as much as possible. This is where Sustainable Eco-friendly Villas/Home can provide our viable and practical solutions to living in an affordable manner.  

Right below we have suggested creative and natural ways to build and maintain the homes in a sustainable manner. The home will have all the aesthetics of a modern home along with beauty, elegance, and functionality – making it suitable for living for all ages.

Use The Sunlight

Make sure a new house faces south to get the most sunlight. Among these are passive solar heating systems and the complete exploitation of daylight. As the sun’s rays stream in through the windows, the temperature inside the home rises, reducing the need to turn up the heat during the winter. If you need more suggestions, consulting the architect is mandatory.

Optimally use Few Resources As Possible

Recycling of trash can be done during construction to cut down on the amount of waste that is accumulated to the greatest extent possible. For example, resources can be sourced from demolished goods that have been recycled. Similarly, the implementation of biogas plants in the courtyard of your villa can help you throw kitchen waste and generate gas for cooking. This will save your monthly costs for fuel that you need to buy from IOC and other companies or even on electric cookers.

Use Of Electricity From Renewable Sources

This is accomplished through the installation of a micro-hydro system or a wind turbine that is on a smaller scale. It is also advisable to pick an electricity provider that derives its power from renewable sources.

Long Lasting Home Structures

The House Will Last Longer If It Is Built With Comfort And The Future In Mind. If staying in the room for a longer period of time is in the cards, then having access to both the interior and exterior of the building will be necessary. Such an amazing villa design will not only prevent the need for a future extension of the house as well as renovation, but it will also reduce the overall cost of maintaining the building.

Using A Passive Design To Make An eco-house That Is Comfortable

Because of its well-oriented windows and well-ventilated interior, a passively designed home will keep its inhabitants comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition to being heated by the sun during the winter, the house can be cooled during the summer.

Plan For A Sustained and Affordable Life

Make it your goal for the house to be there for a longer amount of time. The components ought to be robust and long-lasting, in addition to being effortlessly recyclable. In addition, the home should be able to accommodate its owners’ ever-evolving requirements without the need for costly additions or alterations in the foreseeable future.

Maintain Home Temperatures 

Making Heating and Cooling Work Well In The House Without Buying Air Conditioners is possible here.  Being sustainable means thinking differently! You can do this by using curtains and blinds and making sure there are no leaks. Also, use the sun’s heat and shadows to make a good climate and, respectively, to keep things warm. If you need to buy an air conditioner, you should also put up ceiling fans to make the air conditioner work better.

Make Water Tanks To Store Rainwater

One method for conserving water is to install tanks to collect rainwater for later use in flushing toilets and watering gardens. Rainwater collection will assist to cut down on the amount of piped water that is wasted, which will ultimately lead to more sustainable living. Collect water, but make sure that they are covered properly so that mosquitoes and other insects do not lay eggs in these vessels.

Put Passive Solar Design Into Consideration

 In order to heat and cool your home, the passive solar design uses the sun’s energy. The passive solar design does not employ any sort of mechanical or electrical apparatus, instead relying on materials that either reflect, absorb, or transmit solar energy. The indoor layout is planned so that warm air from the sun can flow freely. To heat and cool a passive dwelling, less energy is needed. 

Put In Energy-efficient Glass

 With 50% or more of a building’s energy being lost through its windows, it’s easy to see how installing high-performance windows might help reduce consumption. Double pane glass, specialized coatings, non conductive frame materials, and improved air tightness are just some of the new technologies that have made their way into the building industry. When windows are replaced with glass, a home becomes more soundproof, uses less energy, and reduces the amount of wear and tear on furnishings.


On A Final Note

 With the service and expertise of our Sustainable and Eco friendly Architects, you can makeover the existing home or build a new sustainable home in Kerala as per your likes and dreams. Owing a sustainable home or villa in Kerala is a matter of urgency as Kerala does have viable options to generate natural energy. Plus, you can have a lifestyle that is more affordable and of course – this is a great way of teaching children how to conserve and use energy and natural resources in the most optimal manner. 


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