Renewable Energy Solutions for Sustainable Homes: Exploring Solar, Wind, and More 

Going Green is a fabulous concept that was brought in about two decades back by environmentalists and researchers. The benefit behind it is immense, but still, people are not able to take the benefit of it to the fullest. This time, we have loved every bit of introspection to find out about Renewable Energy Solutions for Sustainable Homes. Since our company is always working our way into improving lives with sustainable green homes in India, this topic happened to be a part of our work.


Solar Energy for Sustainable Homes and Offices

Incorporating solar energy into sustainable homes requires a fusion of expertise, skilled technicians, and advanced technology. At EEII, we’ve partnered with top-tier solar energy companies to curate solutions tailored to each home’s unique needs.

If your villa benefits from ample sunlight, such as rooftops or lawns, solar panels become an ideal addition. By connecting these panels to batteries, you’ll unlock a continuous energy supply for your entire home. For instance, a standard house receiving 4 – 5 kW of energy from sunlight can sustain its entire energy needs. An added advantage, in countries like India, is the ability to sell surplus energy back to the state grid system. This not only ensures self-sufficiency but also contributes to a sustainable future for your eco-friendly villa.


Biomass Choices for Homes


Discussing alternative energy sources like biomass can significantly contribute to a sustainable lifestyle within your villa. Although this option is more suitable for homes with outdoor spaces, the benefits are undeniable.

Consider installing a biomass unit on your property. This approach is particularly advantageous for houses with gardens or yards. If you have organic waste such as fallen leaves, wood dust, or natural fiber scraps, you can create a designated pit for disposal. Professional biomass companies can assist in constructing the right pit and provide guidance throughout the process.

The key advantage of this practice is that your organic waste will be consolidated in one location. This eliminates scattered debris and simplifies cleanup efforts, promoting a cleaner and greener environment within your villa. By exploring a variety of alternative energy options, you’re taking important steps towards sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint.


Bio Gas Fuels

Moving on, we need to think about Biogas fuels. This is something every home can try out. As long as you have natural waste from the kitchen, this will work. Yes, just food waste, no soap, no coconut husks, and no eggshells will do. From vegetable waste, fruit skins, peels, leftover curries, rotis, bread, and any food that matters – can be decomposed to form fuel for the kitchen. For this, you will need a separate stove that converts the gas into fuel. Since you will have daily cooking, this can cut down on your purchased energy costs. And plus you do not have to worry about throwing meat and fish waste every day. The biogas kit will do its job for you.


Winds and Building Structures

The last one on our list of renewable energy solutions that sustainable homes can use is the winds. Here it is not purely to harness wind energy, which normal people cannot. Instead, make sure to structure your room with high rood, airy windows, so that you have more scope for natural ventilation in the hot days. When it is the monsoons, the cool breeze will keep the rooms light and cool always. You can reduce your air conditioning charges and skip having stuffy rooms too. This is one of the old age methods that have been used in halls of palaces, where many people used to sit together. So, ventilation takes place without the need for fans in those days.


Rainwater harvesting

The last one is surely what you must work on. With the amount of excess rainwater that we get every year in India, it is quite possible to harvest the rain for better and repeated uses. For this, we as sustainable home architect designers, enable the right rainwater water paths to collect water, and use within the washrooms and also for the watering of lawns and gardens that surround your homes. The process of filtration is simple and can be implemented in any existing home system.


Which sustainable home energy solution is your pick?

If you would have read the whole suggestion trail listed above, surely something would have caught your eye. Depending on the type of location, budget, and construction of your home, we can devise a proper plan to bring forward renewable energy solutions for you. Of course, that will be a tailor made solution so that it fits your budget and lifestyle. The right energy solution that is renewable will help you cut costs and live in a sustainable home lifelong.




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