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Renewable Energy Solutions for Sustainable Homes: Exploring Solar, Wind, and More

Renewable Energy Solutions for Sustainable Homes: Exploring Solar, Wind, and More 

Going Green is a fabulous concept that was brought in about two decades back by environmentalists and researchers. The benefit behind it is immense, but still, people are not able to take the benefit of it to the fullest. This time, we have loved every bit of introspection to find out about Renewable Energy Solutions for Sustainable Homes. Since our company is always working our way into improving lives with sustainable green homes in India, this topic happened to be a part of our work.


Solar Energy for Sustainable Homes and Offices

Incorporating solar energy into sustainable homes requires a fusion of expertise, skilled technicians, and advanced technology. At EEII, we’ve partnered with top-tier solar energy companies to curate solutions tailored to each home’s unique needs.

If your villa benefits from ample sunlight, such as rooftops or lawns, solar panels become an ideal addition. By connecting these panels to batteries, you’ll unlock a continuous energy supply for your entire home. For instance, a standard house receiving 4 – 5 kW of energy from sunlight can sustain its entire energy needs. An added advantage, in countries like India, is the ability to sell surplus energy back to the state grid system. This not only ensures self-sufficiency but also contributes to a sustainable future for your eco-friendly villa.


Biomass Choices for Homes


Discussing alternative energy sources like biomass can significantly contribute to a sustainable lifestyle within your villa. Although this option is more suitable for homes with outdoor spaces, the benefits are undeniable.

Consider installing a biomass unit on your property. This approach is particularly advantageous for houses with gardens or yards. If you have organic waste such as fallen leaves, wood dust, or natural fiber scraps, you can create a designated pit for disposal. Professional biomass companies can assist in constructing the right pit and provide guidance throughout the process.

The key advantage of this practice is that your organic waste will be consolidated in one location. This eliminates scattered debris and simplifies cleanup efforts, promoting a cleaner and greener environment within your villa. By exploring a variety of alternative energy options, you’re taking important steps towards sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint.


Bio Gas Fuels

Moving on, we need to think about Biogas fuels. This is something every home can try out. As long as you have natural waste from the kitchen, this will work. Yes, just food waste, no soap, no coconut husks, and no eggshells will do. From vegetable waste, fruit skins, peels, leftover curries, rotis, bread, and any food that matters – can be decomposed to form fuel for the kitchen. For this, you will need a separate stove that converts the gas into fuel. Since you will have daily cooking, this can cut down on your purchased energy costs. And plus you do not have to worry about throwing meat and fish waste every day. The biogas kit will do its job for you.


Winds and Building Structures

The last one on our list of renewable energy solutions that sustainable homes can use is the winds. Here it is not purely to harness wind energy, which normal people cannot. Instead, make sure to structure your room with high rood, airy windows, so that you have more scope for natural ventilation in the hot days. When it is the monsoons, the cool breeze will keep the rooms light and cool always. You can reduce your air conditioning charges and skip having stuffy rooms too. This is one of the old age methods that have been used in halls of palaces, where many people used to sit together. So, ventilation takes place without the need for fans in those days.


Rainwater harvesting

The last one is surely what you must work on. With the amount of excess rainwater that we get every year in India, it is quite possible to harvest the rain for better and repeated uses. For this, we as sustainable home architect designers, enable the right rainwater water paths to collect water, and use within the washrooms and also for the watering of lawns and gardens that surround your homes. The process of filtration is simple and can be implemented in any existing home system.


Which sustainable home energy solution is your pick?

If you would have read the whole suggestion trail listed above, surely something would have caught your eye. Depending on the type of location, budget, and construction of your home, we can devise a proper plan to bring forward renewable energy solutions for you. Of course, that will be a tailor made solution so that it fits your budget and lifestyle. The right energy solution that is renewable will help you cut costs and live in a sustainable home lifelong.




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Reducing Waste at Home: Strategies for a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Making Earth safe and clean is our duty rather than a luxury today. If we do, our next generation gets to
see this natural beauty and earn the joy of living well. Do you know that the statistics from the India
Waste Management Market have estimated that pollution related waste to be about USD 32.09 billion in
the year 2023? The numbers are astonishingly growing always. With this scenario pertaining, all of us can
do our part to a large extent.

Here we have some tips that can help both individuals and families live a sustainable mode of life on a
shoestring budget. Sounds possible? Let’s get an idea about the options we have.  We have listed 7 points
to give you an idea to start off. Of course, if you do have more innovative ideas in your kitty, so share
them with us.

 Manure vegetable waste into those tiny garden pots
 To start with, be ready to be a little adventurous and messy. If you need a zero waste lifestyle, there is a
lot of arranging, dusting, and grouping to do. Plus, think unique and trust us- this is one fun journey. 
Okay, you have your kitchen waste (only the vegetable peels, seeds, rotten stuff, etc). Buy some pots, mix
these wastes into the mud, and water them for about two days. Then add in any seeds that you like to
grow. It could herbs, tomatoes, and anything that can grow in a pot. Place them on the window stand, or
balcony, or build a plant stand near the kitchen area. Make sure that pets and kids do not touch this.
 Create your own bio plant at home
 Now this is not for the ones who live in flats or apartments. If you do live in a villa with some decent
outdoor space, this is for you. Fit in a biogas plant where you can put in all the waste from the kitchen.
Raw meat, the water used to wash them, and vegetable waste. No soap, plastic, stones, or whatever goes
into this. Within a month, this will be converted into nature manure, and go ahead and add it to the
manure mix and feed your plants. This is cost effective and so very good for the land.
 Reuse plastics wisely
 This is something that the 90’s kids would know. Ancestors never used to actually throw away anything
that they get from the market. Plastic covers, and bins, are washed after use and reused at home.  You can
store them easily, and carry them along for your next grocery shopping and that means lesser disposal of
plastics.  If you cannot omit plastics from life completely, learn to live with them. To a certain extent that
can reduce the use of more plastics and that reduces the waste footprint in the lifestyle.
 Let your bottles be glass
We all love to get those milk cans, juice pouches, and so on. So, this needs a change for sure. Ask for
reusable glass bottles and containers from your milk suppliers and even grocery refills zones.  Next time,
refill your pulses in your glass bottles. Then milk can be filled, washed, and sterilized before the next fill-
up. Isn’t that making your home zero waste perfect?  Small changes do make a huge impact on our
lifestyle. You do need to invest in glass bottles, but let’s assure you that it is totally worth the change.

Switch to having cloth bags or carriers
We have mentioned that we have reused plastics. But that will have to be disposed of once it loses
strength and even gets torn. You can also have cloth bags, and jute bags that can be reused lifelong. This
can be made from your old bed sheets if you are good at stitching and designing such things.  This way, if
they get dirty, you can wash them and reuse them. Zero waste does mean changes that are more cost
effective in the long run for you.  You have found a new way to use your worn out clothes too right here.
 Great to buy from farmer’s market
 Next, is the choice of food purchase that can help you shift to a zero waste lifestyle.  Yes, it is true that
store bought vegetables look good and are neatly packed, but they are wrapped in plastics. So that is what
we need to avoid.  Instead try heading to the local market and buying everything in your cloth bags., They
are not sprayed with pesticides to a very large extent, and plus they are fresh. So no waste and it are good
for your health.
 Refill and reuse your plastics containers
Just as much as we need glass and cloth bags to store various things in the house, we cannot simply throw
plastic containers that we have bought with so much care.  So, use your existing plastic containers to store
various small hardware like nails, ribbons, buttons, and bulbs. Or even convert them into garden pots in
case they are broken or cracked. Often people do not realize that a zero waste lifestyle does not mean a
complete stop to plastics. But it is how to incorporate the plastics with more sustainable things in a
manageable manner.
 Zero Waste Lifestyle is a habit we need to Adopt
Great! You have got clarity about zero waste lifestyle from these 7 points. Which one did you like from
these? All of them are useful, but one is possible only if you have a lawn or outside ground space. I have
mentioned there as well. So, if you do, try it once. The journey into zero waste lifestyle is very a poised
one, but definitely rewarding and makes you feel that you are one among the millions who work towards
making the world clean and toxic free.
 Just like we have previously focused on solar energy homes and other waste management systems to add
to your existing home structures, this will also help you upgrade the home into a waste free one.


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Interior Design Trends for New Homes: Creating a Stylish and Functional Space

Interior Design Trends for New Homes: Creating a Stylish and Functional Space

Want to design your home? Going vogue can be simple, stylish, and highly functional when it comes to a home. Take note of our interior design trends those new homes that use and conceptualize beautifully. We have incorporated the aspect of beauty and functionality in every aspect of the blog. Since we always have an affinity for sustainable homes, this will be our latest say of amazing villa and home designs that meet utility with style.

The Best Interior Design Trends for New Homes to Adopt Easily

Infusing Natural Elements

Going Biophilic is the new trend and trust us – you will love the transition that this concept takes you into. Infusing Natural Elements in every corner of your dream home is an experience that every homeowner ought to try out. The process is slow, satisfying, and relaxing. Here, when you combine the outdoor like nature elements into your living boundaries, you unknowingly integrate nature into everyday living – which is functional and so very stylish to the entire setting. As eco friendly architects, we integrate such complementary nature elements to enable us to live a city life without straying away from the soothing touch of nature.

Multi Functionality Zones

Living in a space that can be flexibly designed to suit your needs indeed requires some expertise. With sustainability, and repurposing as the ultimate It is time to maximize the functionality of each space in your home. You could easily transform the areas into a small workout area, or home office, or a reading room within the balcony area. This kind of sustainable and eco friendly home idea should be able to maximize the utility factor of the home. You can always add plants and other elements to kick the boredom out of your daily life. 

Texture Rich Spaces

A little texture goes a long way. Skip the plain, conventional home décor ideas and get into the environmentally friendly home décor ideas. Today, like us, Sustainable and Eco friendly Architects have found that adding texture creates a silent rejuvenation in the minds of the homeowner. More than the luxury element, let it be cozy and spacious and that comes with the depth of design incorporated into this. From the wood paneling to the sofa sets, the curtains, the paintings on the wall, the lighting, and the corner shelves, they have a role that you cannot miss. If a little salt is just one of the ingredients that make your dish exquisite, the same magic happens here. Let your fabrics, paint, upholstery, and furniture give that welcoming feel with no fuss at all. Make sure to use sustainable materials, and earthy paint textures to give that kind of vibe.

 Natural Lightning & Bold Shades – effortlessly elegant

Going natural has been taking the rounds in every architectural talk for years. However, only very few architects try to imbibe this into the home design. You can always tell your architect to add windows that let the golden hour lights seep in. Similarly, as evening sets, let bold tones dominate the home spaces. Make sure that the colors are earthy and not neon shades. You want to bring in confidence, cozy, and visually attractive shades that are soothing to the eyes and the mind always.  Of course, a pop of bright blue, stoneware statement pieces can adorn your halls and corner spaces. Let your kitchen areas be powerfully dynamic so that you can showcase color, without breaking the functional flow of this area.

Go for Neutrals

Do you know the magic of neutrals? They are warm, calm, and soothing beyond our expressions. We are not meaning to go for gray shades, as they are pretty boring and depressing. Today, the trends sway to give soft colors to homes. This would include pink, light blue, soft neutrals, and mellow colors like light yellow and rusty brown are something you can add to your interior designs.

Let Tradition come back

Tradition has always been aesthetic and highly functional, so why move away from it?  Go dramatic with the inclusion of more handicrafts and rare artisan pieces to glam up your home spaces. They look aesthetic, bold and yes are truly sustainable materials. It adds more body to the homes and when you embrace these new trends they look unique and give a fresh hint of architectural taste in every corner. Strike the nostalgia and see how your families and visitors will love this change.

Greenify those surroundings

Well, when you go for trendy home décor and architectural concepts this year and move on, it has to be sustainable by all means. With the amount of toxicity around our living spaces and the expenses that go into styling, choose sustainably. Most of the sustainable and eco friendly homes are unique in their own way, artistic and calm to the ones who are part of these beautiful homes. Add more plants, flowering plants, spices, and herbs, and see how lovely the home looks. Transform the home into an element of style, convenience, and visual delight.

How would you get started?

  • What do you have? Declutter the old ones that do not meet the aesthetic standards of this concept
  • Repurpose Tradition is next. Yes, got old traditional art pieces. Polish them and add them to your space. It’s cost effective. Or else hop into vintage stores and gather the ones that catch your eye.
  • Organic colors can add life, so choose neutral shades for your sofas, curtains, walls, and so on.
  • Do not forget those tiny plants and give them a space in your rooms and balcony.  They are oxygen sources and great to bring some much needed positivity into your lives.

Last but not least, always discuss with your architectural designers to bring in more ideas for cost effective ideas for such trending home décor ideas.  Make sure that you share what you need clearly. Then they can bring in options that are easily sourced, maintained, and  also match your identity to the fullest.




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