Rural settings and visually stunning naturescapes have this tremendous ability to fight stress and rejuvenate the mind. The majesty of the hills, the vastness of the sky and the rustling sounds of the forest are the parameters we look for when selecting our ideal locations. Whimsically named Winterlake, eco-friendly homes in cold climates is exactly a reflection of the concept.


We believe a home should be an extension of the self, a canvas for expression and a space where we can strip our souls of any pretence. That is why every single home in Winterlake is custom-built.


This area is unique because of its proximity to many lakes, dense forests with shola trees and minimum construction. As there is a shortage of patta land (transactive land), owning land like this anywhere in the Nilgiris is next to impossible.


We have gone to great lengths to ensure that we do justice not only to our clients but also to the land and the different lives that draw their sustenance from it. Here are some of our ongoing efforts to be ecologically responsible and sustainable.

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Winterlake Ooty

Winterlake Ooty premium properties are located in the mesmerising Nilgiri Mountains of the Western Ghats. Hidden away in the beautiful hillside of Ithalar, 15 km outside of Ooty, the location is a perfect union of seclusion and luxury. A home in the midst of one of the most unique habitats in the world, the shola-mosaic grasslands of the Southern Western Ghats, you will feel truly blessed to own a home in your own slice of heaven on earth.

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A paradise among the clouds

Designer Homes and Farm Plots in Ooty

Eco friendly house builders
Eco friendly house builders

Ode to life in the hills

A refuge from the rigours of routine

Eco friendly house builders
Eco friendly house builders

Winterlake is a slice of paradise

A holistic lifestyle commune

Eco friendly house builders
Eco friendly house builders

Away from the hustle and bustle of Ooty town

Inspired by traditional Scandinavian mountain homes

Eco friendly house builders
Eco friendly house builders

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